Stop Look Listen, Birmingham!

February 7, 2011 2 comments

The menu items at right illustrate each idea behind our concept of a Cultural Crossroads and Information Station for Birmingham! Our great city has SO MUCH to “REALLY LOVE”– if you’re ready to “HELP YOURSELF” and  “Let it IN!”   You just have to STOP LOOK and LISTEN >>



For Pictures: Start the Show!

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We envision a true INFORMATION STATION (called STOP LOOK LISTEN) along with cultural arts studios and event staging built around railroad imagery and vintage signage at the CULTURAL CROSSROADS of Birmingham.  Note that we think that a parking deck is an important and necessary part of making this a destination, and we believe it can be enhanced with stadium seating and supergraphics. (To pause slideshow, roll over images for directional arrows.  See also attached pdf file to print out images.)

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For Kids: There’s a Video!

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This is a popular Australian group, Hi-5, that we think captures our theme perfectly for kids–encouraging them to explore all that Birmingham has to offer!   Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and try hard NOT to memorize this song (like we have)! (And please also notice the railroad imagery in the background!)  To follow along, here are the words!

For Adults: Listen with your Heart!

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Listen to this as if Birmingham’s the object of your affections and fall in love with Birmingham all over again! We can visualize Ruben Studdard singing this song at the grand opening! There’s no need to be alone with all that’s happening in the ‘HAM! “Open UP and Let it IN!”  We believe that this song ties the Cultural Crossroads theme of STOP LOOK LISTEN to the IN campaign of BirmINgham using the Birmingham365 calendar of events!   “It’s never too late to jump right IN” Check BirmINgham’s INformation Station to found out how!   If you want to follow along, here are the lyrics!

For Money Men: Here are the Numbers!

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We believe that this proposal is practical and feasible and we’ve included some numbers to prove it!  (Scroll down to see Phase 2 or click worksheet below to download pdf file which includes Phases 1 and 2)

For Teachers: Hands-on Teaching!

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As a venue for the arts, adjacent to Railroad Park, there is lots of potential for teaching moments.  Our hope is that these incubator studios will evolve into something similar to the Torpedo Factory.  (See Torpedo Factory photos below and click here for information from The Torpedo Factory on how to set up an arts center.)  And see also the images for a Living Outdoor Museum

For Area Attractions: Supergraphics!

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We envision outlying attractions like the Birmingham Museum of Art, McWane Center, Civil Rights Museum, Vulcan, and others using this facility to provide information, directions, and event information via kiosks, digital graphics,  and/or with special event studios.  We hope that they will use supergraphics and logos on the parking deck elevations to promote their events, in addition to having them posted on the continuously playing and digitally projected Birmingham365 calendar.

We envision area attractions using giant digital images to advertise location and/or special events on parking lot elevations.